April 26, 2014: Rio Vista TSSA and Hunter Derby Results

2′ hunter-odd
Ch: Couler Rose-Sarah Buchholz
Rch: Southern Snowman-Amy Lamberth

2′ Eq
Ch: Sarah Buchholz
Rch: Trinity McCann

2′ hunter- even
Ch: You’re My Hero-Rory Caskey
Rch: Million to One-Riley Delbecq

2′ Eq-even
Ch: Molly Warms
Rch: Caylee Woodard

Working Hunter
Ch: Needs No Introduction-Autumn Fiocca
Rch: Feeling All Right- Kayla Lee

Adult Eq
Ch: Ava Brescia
Rch: Autumn Fiocca

Open Hunter
Ch: London Calling- Camille Franklin
Rch: Maverick- Hannah Winslett

2′ Vertical Hunter
Ch: Malone-Kathleen Schwartz
Rch: Chesapeake Lady- Samantha Lifshen

2′ Warm-up Eq
Ch: Heather Engle
Rch: Riley Delbecq

Green Hunter
Ch: Bravado- Molly Warms
Rch: Kolibri- Blythe Monheit

2’3″ hunter-odd
Ch: Kolibri- Blythe Monheit
Rch: Rosmel’s Jump For Joy- Leah Caskey

2’3″ Eq- odd
Ch: Camille Franklin
Rch: Riley McNair

2’3″ hunter- even
Ch: Maverick- Hannah Winslett
Rch: Ramona- Amy Monfries

2’3″ Eq- even
Ch: Jessica Winsel
Rch: Owen McWilliams

Cross Rails Hunter -odd
Ch: Take A Chance- Natalie Gerold
Rch: Cookies & Creme- Laura Jacobson

Cross Rails Eq- odd
Ch: Garce McSpadden
Rch: Jiwoo Suh

Cross Rail Hunter- even
Ch: Take A Chance- Sasha Pittman
Rch: Grey Expectations- Beth Brull

Cross Rails Eq-even
Ch: Jessica Kay Byrnes
Rch: Ella Fisher

Hunter Derby 2’6″
1. Carter- Mackenzie Hudson
2. Jazz- Kersten Levine
3. I’m Just Sayin- Abby D’Andrea
4. Come As You Are- Lindsey Mortimer
5. Wilhelm- Kersten Levine
6. STF Farina- Chloe Yelkin
7. Myles- Corinne Delius
8. Needs No Introduction- Autumn Fiocca

Hunter Derby 3′
1. Isabelle- Amy Thomason
2. Calliope Rose- Charolette Brigham
3. The Right Decision- Kevin Anderson
4. Cascaluna- Courtney May
5. Collin- Michelle Simmons
6. Salutation- Kate Huffstutler
7. Elle Fait- Grace Crawford
8. Cavalli- Mikaela Meade

AdminApril 26, 2014: Rio Vista TSSA and Hunter Derby Results