May 2014 Newsletter

NEW FACES – Welcome to new boarder Annabel Briggs and horse and pony “Milo” and “Earl”. Congratulations to Stephanie Binder on her purchase of “Linus” and to Maddy Odom on her lease of the Equitation horse “Collin”.  Congrats also to Jamie Smithson on the sale of her horse “Milo” and good luck to her as she looks for a new one. Good luck to the rider from Claudia Conn’s barn in San Antonio who purchased the Rio owned/bred “Casina”.  Good luck to Margaret Lauderback on her lease of “Merlin”.


  • ·         FANS – over the next few days the grooms will be hanging up stall fans stored here from last year. Look to see that your horse has one (if they don’t that means the one stored from last year no longer works.) If your horse needs one please bring us a 20” steel fan –write your horse’s name on it with a paint pen – leave it unboxed in front of your stall and the grooms will hang it. Every stalled horse needs a fan.
  • ·         BLANKETS – Time to take your blankets and sheet home. Please pick them up by May 15th. Those remaining on stalls after that date will be folded and stored in a labeled plastic tub in the back storage building for a $30 fee.


  • ·         LESSON HORSE RIDERS – In addition to our summer camp program, we will offer some group lessons on lesson horses with Natalie and Haylee throughout the summer – evenings and Saturdays.

1.      Each rider should let us know either in person, when you come for your next lesson or by email if you would like to continue lessons thru the summer months.

2.      If you are gone most of the summer you can let us know that also and we will update you right before regular group lessons begin again with the start of school in late August.

3.      After signing up for a specific day and time – tell us the weeks of the summer you will be out of town. We will figure your semester payment amount due based on this information. We understand people travel thru the summer months. So – if you tell us in advance the weeks you are gone, then you will not be charged for those lessons (this policy applies only to the summer semester).


  • ·         BOARDER LESSONS – Please check with your instructor. We will have Summer lesson schedules posted sometime this week. Please sign up on the poster board to let us know what weeks of the summer you will be gone so we may adjust lessons, and schedule rides for your horse.

LEASE HORSES – We currently have a selection of super qualified lease horses available. Take a look at the list below:

KATHLEEN – Super imported Warmblood mare (lots of show experience in the jumper ring- now doing hunters) Available just for a 6 month lease as she is being bred.

OMEN – Super Warmblood hunter mare (lots of show experience in the jumper ring – now doing hunters) Available just for the summer while owner is out of town.

Cavalli and Pinky – Both their leases end Aug 31 with horses being available probably mid August as their current lease’s leave for college. Both horses have extensive show experience in the 3’ hunter ring, with good show records.

Please contact Susan for more info or to find out if one of these might be suitable for your rider.


  • ·         Tyler – May 14-18, May 21-25
  • ·         Waco – June 11-15, June 18-21
  • KENTUCKY- July 23-27, July 30- Aug 1

Local Shows –

  • ·         Centex at Expo- May 10-11
  • ·         Centex at Kingsbridge – June 7
  • Centex at RIO VISTA FARM – JUNE 28
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