October 3, 2015: Centex at Rio Vista

Centex Medal
1. Some Kind of Wonderful- Clara Bosworth
2. Life is Good- Alex Grabill
3. Effour- Lizzie Gilbert
4. Zoef- Emma Vollentine
5. Skipper- Allison Smith
6. STF Viktoria- Catie Rhodus

Vertical Hunter
Ch: Point of Grace- Kylie Cook
RCH: Guinevere- Guadalupe Selestino

Vertical Eq
CH: Kylie Cook
CH: Ella Fisher

Low Hunter
CH: Generation Next- Christina Franklin
RCH: I’m Just Sayin’- Abby D’Andrea

Beginner Hunter-evens
CH: Rowan Oak- Jensen Stam
RCH: Rollingwood’s Undeniable- Logan Jacobson

Beginner Eq-evens
CH: Olivia Peterson
RCH: Jensen Stam

Beginner Hunter-odds
CH: Cliffs of Dover- Nina Mosler
RCH: Black Diamond- Logan Jacobson

Beginner Eq- odds
CH: Isabelle Galvan
RCH: Peyton Rathburn

Schooling Jumper
CH: Uptown Girl- Brooke Adler
RCH: Blue Suede Shoes- Kylie Hall

Modified Ch/Ad Hunter
CH: Rollingwood’s Rock Steady- Kate Fason
RCH: Chamanade- Ellie Mauk

Modified Ch/Ad Eq
CH: Kate Fason
RCH: Josie Shannon

Junior Hunter
CH: Caught in the Moment- Hallie Eskey
RCH: Leavin On My Mind- Leah Caskey

Junior Eq
CH: Clara Bosworth
RCH: Lizzie Gilbert

River City Hunter
CH: Sterling- Sophie Langlade
RCH: Silver Lining- Jayne Hertel

River City Eq
CH: Cailyn Cox
RCH: Sophie Langlade

Pony Hunter
CH: Isabelle Cherry- Danielle Thayer
RCH: Gwyndar Over The Top- Leah Caskey

Pony Eq
CH: Danielle Thayer
RCH: Josie Shannon

Amateur Hunter
CH: Whiskey n Grits- Beth Hickson
RCH: Canadian Pacific- Margaret Nellor

Adult Eq
CH: Jenny Reinhart
RCH: Theresa Pugh

Special Beginner Hunter- odds
CH: Durango- Stevie Jones
RCH: Malone- Amelia Schwartz

Special Beginner Eq-odds
CH: Ari Young
RCH: Dax Nisula

Special Beginner Hunter-evens
CH: Brownland’s Peekaboo- Rachel Roell
RCH: Hugo- Syndee Smith

Special Beginner Eq- evens
CH: Averi Muhr
RCH: Rachel Roell

Centex 2’6″ Medal
1. Isabella Cherry- Danielle Thayer
2. Willow Spring Joy- Susan Craig
3. Elle Fait- Cailyn Cox
4. Chamanade- Ellie Mauk
5. Little Texas- Josie Shannon
6. Tango Unchained- Annie Drew

Green Hunter
CH: Eddison- Jamie Smithson
RCH: Endeavor- Amy Monfries

YNP Hunter
CH: Eddison- Jamie Smithson
RCH: Leavin’ On My Mind- Leah Caskey

AdminOctober 3, 2015: Centex at Rio Vista